For her

I am only staying with my boyfriend for the sake of my daughter. He's an immature, selfish p**** who is only decent to me when he wants s** or money.
He used to be my everything. My daughter will be born in 4 weeks and Im hoping he'll snap out of this midlife crises crap that he's having about ten years too early.
I can't deny her having her father around but if things don't change for the better once she's born Im packing up and leaving.
If she ever asks about him I'll tell her the truth and if she wants to track him down she can but she deserves every chance in life and based on his attitude so far i think he's just going to make everything worse.

I wish he was still my everything.

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  • There's always the worry that a person like that really will be worse for a child than better... so many people will tell you that a child is always better off with both parents, but the fact is that's just not always true. I'd state examples, but we all know the kinds of things that can and do happen all around the world these days...
    However, i would like to advise that you give him a chance to learn to change once he's actually face to face with the precious gift that is his own child. For men, it's harder to make an attachment to this thing that's growing in their other half's body, because they don't have the same connection as the mother before birth... and we're all aware that a male's emotional functions are nowhere near as sensitive as a females anyway.
    But once he actually holds his daughter, and realises what he's got, he may well just impress you. You never know.
    But as said, it's not a certainty. Give him a chance, some time to realise and acclimatise... if he doesn't buck up, say, within 6 months? 9 months? (same length as a pregnancy... dont know why, but it seems like a somewhat logical number to choose because of that...) then you have a decision to make... though it sounds as though you may have already made it a little.

  • Thank you for the kind and thoughtful reply. I really do hope that he changes for the better. Im willing to give him a chance. I can definitely try the 6 to 9 months of opportunity...i just desperately hope it's not a waste of time.

    Thank you again. :-)

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