Today I helped a good friend along with

Today I helped a good friend along with 3 others build a pole barn. We didnt get it all done, but we did get it framed in and ready for tin tomorrow. This one guy that was helping is a j****** and I can't stand him, he also knows that I will ride a d*** and when he and I were alone he'd make a comment about me wearing panties and getting f***** like a girl. The other guys don't know about that part of me, and thats good, but the best part of today was at quitting time his ass was dragging. As he was getting in his truck I walked up and said, I'm sure glad it's not you thats gonna f*** me tonight, I want somebody with some action.

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  • a good tomboy??? i think this person is a guy :) how can boys be tomboys?

  • You said you couldn't stand him, but I'll bet you really want him to f*** you.

  • you would've made a good tom boy.

  • Hahahahahaha.

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