my ex

took something from me i can never get back. i wish he hadnt. i wantd it at the time but its changed everything. he was too old for me and i shouldve known that was all he wanted but i figured he was different. he wasnt, he was just a better liars then most. now thats all everyone wants, and thats what they expect. its not fair. just because one a****** got doesnt mean everyone who says im pretty should! guys are d****. and i know there are the few out there who aren't but i sure as F*** havent gotten one..the closest one is on the otherside of the country..
i love him and always will but waiting for him is so hard and i dont know if i should. he constantly promises me the world and cant even remember our anniversary...

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  • dont let yourself get so close to guy so quickly take things slow and if he doesnt just want to f*** he will let you take all the time you need. im a 15 yr old guy and im gonna be honest i really love s** but i dont f*** girls then never talk to them again if we f*** we have been together for about 3-4 months. so dont think every guy is like that and dont assume that when a guy talks to you. keep your heart open but know when to close it.

  • LOL At least you learned a valuable lesson!

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