Dear Ex-Fiance

Remember when you broke up with me? When you dumped me literally on the street three months before our wedding? I do. I remember it all too well. The thing is, is that I'm still mad. You tell me - to this very day - that you love me still and that "when you think of relationships, you think of me". You kiss me and cuddle with me, and I play along. Little do you know that I'm waiting for the very opportunity to ruin your life. I'm a very patient person, and I don't care how long it takes. I will watch you go down in flames. Mark my words, you'll regret ever having broken my heart. You'll regret the very day you met me.

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  • Actually I don't remember. I leave a lot of guys at the alter.

  • Okay, we all like a bit of revenge... especially when we've been so morally destroyed, i get it... but in the interest of impartiality i just want to pose some hypotheticals.
    What will you do when you have finally destroyed this person? Will you feel better? Will it fix everything? Will you feel strong, clever and mighty to have utterly ruined someone the same way they had you?
    What if they're telling the truth, that thye do still love you, and they just needed to take a step back because something else entirely threatened your relationship much worse than just a return to cuddling and kissing from an engagement?
    Or will youre grief then just be outwashed by guilt and sorrow that youve hurt someone else so horribly, a pain you yourself are all to familiar with? would you wihs that on someone else so readily?
    If so, then i guess theres nothing that could stop you doing so... i just hope youd be able to live with yourself... though if you could, im not sure what that says about you as a person...

  • I love it. Revenge.

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