I have a really awful secret and someone found out. They're blackmailing me, saying that they will tell everyone if I don't follow they're every command. They're making me do horrible things. My life isn't my own anymore. Now a couple of my friends are involved and getting blackmailed too. We have no idea who this person is, but they send us awful notes and texts. I don't know how much longer I can handle this before going crazy.

Aug 3, 2012

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  • Blackmail is an offence.
    Tell the police.

  • Though i dont know what the secret is... id advise you just bite the bullet and reveal it before they have the chance to. That way you escape their grasp, and you have nothing left to lose. Depending on the secret, you might even find youre better off an no one really cares.
    If it is a really bad secret and people hate you for it, then at leas the other friends being blackmailed will still be on your side if its their secret too?
    I guess this all boils down to the kind of secret... if its something like youre gay and you dont want people to know... you may be surprised to find out in the long run that no one really minds/cares. if its that you were involved in a crime... well, that gets trickier... either way, i still feel honesty is the best policy... it takes away the burden, the blackmailers sick enjoyment and thrill of possible reveal to ruin you, and it gets everything of your chest.

  • thats awful...

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