Help.... I am Confused

I don’t want my best friend BF but sometimes it feels as if he is flirting with me or maybe I am flirting with him. I use all my powers and hatred to stay away from him.
Or trying to make her jealous. It started when we were in high school and hanging around each other
And the things he use to say to me before they were together. I knew he was only kidding so we joked back and forth. A few years later after they got together, I told her and we laugh…. She told me that she was going to give him a hard time about it as a joke but he confronted me a few days later in front of her and other saying I was lying on him. She sat there pretending that she didn’t hear him call me a liar and I couldn’t believe it…. I was hurt but I sat down silently just ignoring them both. A few minutes later he is looking at me and joking around with me trying to make me feel better even heard something I had whispered only to myself.
I mean when we were younger we’d laugh about random s*** and curse each other out. Tell each other random things even when she and him were alone they talked about me. When I first met his mother she hugged me and told me how he never stopped talking about me… That he loved me a lot all while my best friend was standing next to me. At first I thought it was her, she was talking about but she called me by name. I never thought anything of it until my friend started having nightmares of me and him together or having s**. She know me and him are almost the same person but I would never do that to her. Like most girls I back away and we both stop talking as much plus we stop texting/calling each other. We hardly have any contact with each other and I usually ignore him when he speaks to me. I even grown a little bitter because of the stress both of them cause me. However sometimes we do revert back to old times…
Like after a party we went to eat, we ended up sitting next to each other and he began whispering in my ear about something he saw then we were laughing. She was watching use un-amused and of course I say he is an ass and play like I want to move. We poke fun at each other and he was one of my amazing guy friend’s even gets along with my sister who is a smart ass. He also knows I hate physically contact from him so he goes out of his way to touch me or poke me. I don’t mean to play around with him but he can usually get a smile from my grumpy ass.
I don’t know what to do because no matter how much I try to stay away and out of it…. I find myself right back in the middle of them.
I know I don’t want him and he more than likely doesn’t want me but can someone please tell me is this all in my head and I’m just crazy. They both plan to get married and live together also he has professed his love for her and goes out of his way to inform me that when he says I love you to me that he means it in another way.
Gah… I just

Aug 5, 2012

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