Just Call Me Summer

I (500) Days of Summer'd my best friend. I constantly treated him as my emotional punching bag, telling him how badly I want my ex back, and how I will never fall in love with anybody else. Later, I began searching for a no-strings-attached-type relationship with somebody who was down, but not him because he would get too attached. That didn't last long and things began to get intimate, not to the point of s**, but very close. I had also began seeing someone else, and spared no details in telling him what happened between the other fellow and I. The worst part is, I knew that he was completely in love with me. Many nights I called him and cried for hours over the betrayal I felt from the fellow I had been seeing, and the pain of missing my ex. He was always there for me, but I always ignored him, friend-zoning him to the max, but letting him stay hopeful. I always used the "not right now", never telling him no. Later, much to my excitement, I ended up getting back together with my ex-boyfriend, despite swearing to my friend that I would never date him again. I lied to this friend, I made him deal with all of my issues, and he never turned me away. In return, I ignored his feelings and completely took advantage of him. I didn't even realize I treated him this way until I overheard someone ranting about how awful the girl in 500 Days of Summer was.
The worst part is, I made him watch that movie with me...

Aug 6, 2012

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  • Speaking as someone who's been where your friend is, you are not his friend. You are using him as a free therapist. Tell him the truth and get out of his life. You don't care for him, you only care about what purpose he serves in YOUR life. Do him a favor and cut him loose. Do it before he realizes on his own and starts truly hating you. Because he will.

  • hmmm...read up on the Borderline Personality Disorder...you have it.

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