I'm in love with a trash talking checkout girl

I'm a 35 yo successful businessman who had a classy wife and 3 amazing kids. I used to stop by a gas station to pick up coffee before I make the commute home, and this 20ish girl always was there talking trash, not constantly, but if you engaged her! Last year, she was on a break outside smoking when I drove up. Her name is Liza. She yelled at me to come to her. God was she beautiful. She just looked at me and told me to leave my wife for her! I freaked and offered to get her an apartment to meet me in, but she said no deal. She got in my face and ordered me to be her slave and I said yes. Girl was like a gypsy. I got in my car and went home. I don't stop for coffee there anymore cause I dumped my wife and now live with Liza. She is so wonderful, a breath of youth all my own. How long will it last, I have no idea.

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  • PUNKED...you were right...I did make it up!

  • asshat

  • This is major bullshit. Are you people so lacking in discernment that you actually believe this?

  • its true. you just dont even know.

  • Irresponsible. Idiotic. Egocentric. Blind.

    All these stories about married men with younger girls, and all of the protagonists are completely deluded. These are not stories about love. They're not even stories about s**. They're about money. The girls -- all of them -- are using you for money. No, I know, I know: you aren't paying them for s**, of course not. The men have developed plausible rationalizations, and the girls aren't as stupid as the men, and so the thing isn't structured like a transaction, but that's exactly what it is. The girls are being provided for, housed, clothed, fed, gifted, elevated. They don't love the men, not one of them. It's about money. IT'S ABOUT MONEY. The girls know the game and they know how to play, either because they've seen examples or because they have developed an innate sense of their power over the male of the species and of how best to deploy it. There's nothing noble or acceptable or admirable in this story or in any of the others; it's just sad, because the clueless male allows himself to be used and his family to be destroyed so he can chase the dream of a thing that doesn't exist. I would say that you all need to be ashamed of yourselves, glorifying this fool and his followers, but you don't see shame in an environment where you have been made to believe that you got something you want but that isn't real. These girls are nothing more than marketers and you're their target demographic. If it weren't so tragic and didn't wreck so many homes and marriages AND CHILDREN, the whole thing would be a wonderful case study into the male psyche and male lunacy. Unfortunately, it IS a tragedy, and men are willing (and eager) participants.

  • If it's always been all about money, then maybe that's the way it should be...both are happy...f*** the kids, kids don't respect their parents anymore anyhow...this dude is an American hero, living the American dream.

  • He hooked up with Liza because he got tired of f******* BBC creampies out of his wife.

  • I agree, you are my hero, too! But, I will keep that my secret.

  • dude, you rock...do you see your kids?

  • Hi, yes, I have my kids every other weekend and on some holidays. My ex-wife even likes Liza. After I moved out, my wife started dating an old classmate of hers, who she had been facebooking with, without my knowledge. Funny how things work out. Btw, Liza read this post...this is what she said, "men would be a lot happier if they would go with their gut and take more chances." Wisdom from a female temptress! See ya, Ray.

  • I guess your response indicates you're on the level.

    Why are you, a successful business man who has three amazing kids and who had a classy partner so smitten by another female who basically called a bluff on your composure. What did you lack in your life? Was you marriage devoid of chemistry? Did you feel you did not belong with the classy woman because she was from a sphere of life totally different from yours? I am curious. Would you have inevitably divorced if Liza hadn't existed?

  • It was all about the chemistry...what else can he say?

  • Ray, I'd be interested in your story, for a made-for-TV movie. Art

  • A movie about a guy leaving his wife and everything works out..sounds boring. Unless Liza tuns into a stalker-murderer or boils something on the stove..something..otherwise it's been done.

  • I'd like to watch the movie. I need to see how it's done. I would leave the b**** I married today if I knew how.

  • Thanks for the inspiration...I have decided to leave my wife,not for another woman, but to escape the h*** in which I am tormented by her. God help me.

  • god she sounds nasty no wonder you love her i love her too

  • im glad u like this girl but what about ur family did u ever think about them???

  • I don't think you can disband your family so easily. Are you on the up-and-up? Why would you leave a classy woman for a young seductress only a decade younger? Didn't you ever love your wife? Perhaps you heard a siren's song and the shoals are approaching. Illogical.

  • Can I have the phone number and photos of your EX-wife. I would like to be the one banging her when you realize what a dumbass you are and it's too late.

  • you are my hero

  • Ditto, here, on the hero idea: you really ARE mine. Maybe five years ago or so, I had a similar "relationship", if I can call it that given its brevity, with a convenience-store girl near the office where I occasionally bought sandwiches at noon. We flirted for about a month after she started working there, and then "dated" (in her bed) for about a week, until she demanded --- not asked: demanded --- that I leave my wife and family. I couldn't bring myself to do that, even though I was already in love with her and she knew it, and then a week later . . . poof. She was gone from the store and from my life. Never to be seen in either place again. I've regretted not going with her every miserable, miserable day of the succeeding five years, and still do today, and I even sometimes find myself secretly hating my wife and my children because they deprived me of her. I admire your courage, and Liza's beautiful and spectacular dominance, and I sincerely and genuinely wish both of you well. You did the right thing, no matter what criticisms and hatefulness you receive here. Good luck, hero.

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