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This year on 7/7/12 my ex boyfriend claimed that I was abuseing our twins sure I'm abuseing them that's why they have the things they need he is a j*** and his has done this before when he was takeing one of the twins to an Adhd center with his wife and pretended they had cousty over the girls and it really hurts that he does that to me when all I is to have my girls home with me

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  • could pick up a dictionary and nail down this whole "spelling thang" and stop getting impregnated by strange men who leave you and take yo babies!

  • awww....actually, pretty good post...cheers!

  • This will freak him out...take a picture of the twins with your cell phone EVERYTIME the babydaddy picks them it in front of him...if he asks why you do that, them him that your lawyer told you to do it...NEVER TELL HIM ANYTHING ELSE!....he will start behaving himself.

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