I think i'm falling in love with a girl

First of all, i'm a 25 years old girl, and i think i'm falling in love with a girl. it's 2 AM here, 4.5hours before i get up to work tomorrow. but i can't fall asleep.bcz i kept thinking about this girl. i can tell that this feeling is love. but i never thought i can feel this way for a girl. i've already have a bf now and bfs before. i'm sure i'm attracted to guys. but her, i just keep on thinking about her and i want to see her everyday, i want to help her about everything and i want to see her smile more than anything. she got this amazing beauty of uni-s** style look. she never wear a skirt, always jeans like man. but looks so cool. many people think she is a man by her dress and her voice. but she is beautiful. and so funny, and smart, and cool, and she is a surgeon. is a so cool job for a girl. she doesn't have a bf now, and we all don't know if she like girls or boys. i asked her once in a joking kinda way that if she like girls or boys, but she didn't answer. but i get this feeling that she may really like girls. and i feel like she kinda like me too. i don't know what i hope. and i also don't know where this is going. all i know is i can't ruin what we have now. just hanging out all the time together, just so happy.

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  • haha...so, you are a lesbian...welcome to the m***-diving club

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