Venting out

My parents left for their honeymoon (AGAIN) and left me and my big brother to guard the house. And things have been a bit... awkward.

First off, when we're watching movies he's always makes me sit in-between his legs and have his arms wrapped around me, (Im not complaining or anything, I'm known to be easily cold so it helps) some of my friends find it cute while others joke about it saying that if he wasn't my brother, we would have been going out by now. He's had a couple of girlfriends before but they always last 2 weeks at the very most. I've lost count of how many times I've wondered why my brother doesn't just get a girlfriend and stick with her.

He walks around the house shirtless and sometimes just in his boxers (o///o) which is an eye opener for someone like me when I've just woken up! He's completely showing off that 6-packs of his even though there's no one to show off to (unless you count me but I doubt that) and I swear he looks too good to be true. Sometimes he just gives me random little hugs and pecks on the cheek and I remember this one time where he nibbled my ear which scared the heck out off me as I was doing my coursework.

My friends says that me and my brother are a little too friendly but I don't mind him. Expect when he's teasing me, he gets on my nerve!

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  • Your brother is trying to peak your interest in him sexually, plain and simple. Walking around in his underwear and nibbling on your ear are crossing the line of what's normal behavior for siblings. Either he thinks you're really hot or he's into incest. Its not play, he wants to see if you'll let him take it further.

  • show him a kitchen knife...tell him, "if you ever touch me again, I will cut your f****** d*** off"...that should make him back off

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