People Say I Am A Gold Digger

Just because I have set my sights on marrying a rich guy who can provide for me and do not date poor guys, some people call me a gold digger. It's not true. I just want nice things and never to have to worry about money. My sister who doesn't use her brains married a poor guy and they struggle all the time to make ends meet. I don't want a crappy life like that. Lots of guys ask me out, but I won't go out with them unless they have a lot of money. I'm not wasting my good lucks and hot body on just anyone. And there's not a damn thing wrong with being choosey and looking out for your future.

Mar 4, 2013

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  • Just because I groom children and their parents to trust me and then use that trust to gain access to their tender young bits doesn't mean I'm a pedophile! It's just not true. I'm not wasting my steel panel van and all these brightly-colored candy bars on just anyone. And there's not a damn thing wrong with being choosy and only selecting the sweetest, most innocent little bits of virgin meat to play with. So like don't judge me!

  • Hey, panty-sniffing pedos that always hang around this site, where's the love for this? Oh wait, I get it. The person who wrote this comment is clearly more than 3 years old...

  • There is nothing wrong with having your standards and set them very high . Marrying the right person will provide 90% of your happiness . I make excellent money and my first wife married me for my money , but also she was a complete b**** and cheated on me to have exciting s** with a handsome guy . I caught her via he cell phone and investigated , she refused to tel the truth even with overwhelming evidence . I begged and begged to tell me the truth , then I divorced her , less than 10 years of marriage she get no spouse support and no medical . Now I am taking my time s******* women's brains out. I will do the same as you , she needs to be making some of her own money , I refuse to be used again for just my money . If you love your husband give all your love to him , the fact he has money normally shows he is educated and has a good job . This meant nothing to my first wife , now she is very poor again living with her mom , but she can s**** her lovers all day long . go B**** Go

  • I dont think that what you do is any different from what most women do. I mean seriously we look for the best dressed guy or the best looking guy to be our boyfriend, because the fact that he can make himself look that way means he has some kind of income to spear. Also I dont see any women complaining when a guy buys them jewelry or takes them to a fancy restaurant, s*** that show make them a gold digger if what you are doing makes you one. Truthfully you are being true to you and living your life in a way that insures your comfort and no one can blast you for doing that because they do that themselves. Anyone who does give you h*** is just jealous because they can't do as you can.

  • sound like a severely hot piece. I'd let you dig for gold at my place anytime you wanted. Damn!!!

  • With that attitude, you are only going to attract guys who think of their relationship with you as a transaction. Is that the future you're hoping for?

  • You aren't a golddigger, or a w****, or a prostitute, or anything else that's negative. You're doing what you should be doing to have a great life and a secure future. And anybody that tells you otherwise, or calls you names, or speaks badly of you, is an idiot and doesn't deserve to even talk to you. Ignore them. You're better than a long way.

  • god you are so nasty and trashy. you are an embarrassment to your parents. you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Yeah, she really is nasty and trashy. And that's why I'm falling in love with her. Wish I wasn't......but I am.

  • Except you don't know where she is, how old she is, even if OP really is a she. Nothing. You are "falling in love" with nothing. Which is about right for someone who posts dumb comments around here

  • Jeez, all this negativity is incredible. When guys compete for the favors of women and brag about all their conquests (whether of the one-time variety, or the permanent variety), knowingly and publicly expressing their self-centeredness, nobody says anything. But one girl -- ONE -- confesses that she considers a man's ability to provide for her, long-term, and all of you unleash a s*** storm of criticism and personal insult. Un-f******-believable.

  • Why not work for what you want? You don't have to attach on to someone else and eat from a farm that you didn't work on.

  • What a materialistic, shallow c*** you are. Your w**** of a mother should have aborted you when she had the chance.

  • love the attitude.

  • theres nothing wrong with being a gold digger. nothing at all. lots of girls are, expecially young girls. I have been one since i was a young girl and i love it. and men love me for being that way.

  • I hope you get assraped by a rich guy, take his money to keep quiet, and feel like a w**** every time you take a s***.
    looking in the mirror afterwards must make your soul feel cold

  • You're dreaming pal: a woman like this is in control of her men, they do what she says, they give her what she wants, they stay in their place, and if she ever takes it up the ass, it'll be because she needs it in there, not because he forced it on her. You're just wishing you could have a woman this strong, this intellectual, and this powerful, BUT YOU NEVER WILL.

  • Your totally right. theres really NOT a damn thing wrong with being choosy and looking out for your future. and thats just exactly what i do in my own life. i always check financials.

  • trailer trash.

  • I think it's so totally great that you're so honest about your wants and your needs. The women who are interested in me all try to play coy and pretend like they don't care about the money, and I wish that just ONE would just be upfront about it. I would respect that, and that would set her out from the crowd, and -- to be honest -- THAT is who I would marry.

  • what point is there in dating some broke-d*** m***********? i will tell you: theres no point in it. so why bother if they cant take care of you? why should you take care of them? let all those broke-d*** m************ go to f****** h***.

  • Whats wrong with being a goldigger? i been one my whole life and im over 40. i have a t-shirt that says goldigger on it and i even have a dangle for my bellybutton piercing that says goldigger too. im proud of being a goldigger and im proud of being so good at it. you should be proud too.

  • You have a printed T-shirt and a navel piercing, and those things are what you're proud of in your 40s. Yep, I'd be "proud" if I were you too! (In this case, "proud" meaning "ready to step in front of a bus to end my sorry waste of an existence")

  • this is one of the best posts on this site........ever.

  • this is one of the best posts on this site...........ever.

  • If you're going to "look out for your future", you might as well understand what's in it.

    I remember when I was younger. I saw a pretty car with "good looks and a hot body", so I decided to "lease it with an option to buy". So I paid the note faithfully every month and enjoyed "riding" that car every day. It had a lot of fun. The only problem is that as time went on, the car started getting older and older. Finally one day I saw a different car that was much younger and newer with "good looks and a great body". Best thing about it was that it cost the same as the old car that I was currently driving. You know what I did? I kicked that old car to the curb, and used the same money I was paying on the old car to "lease" the new car (with an option to buy, of course).

    I'm sure that some one will buy that "old clunker" car some day, or it might end up in the junk yard. Either way, I don't care because i've had my fun and I'm through with it. Although I have to admit, sometimes I wonder if that "old clunker" was stupid enough to think that I would actually buy it one day?

  • See, that's the problem with metaphors, and with analogies. They quickly reach the limits of their logic and then they break down and become not only non-productive comparisons, but counter-productive comparisons. Cars can't take care of themselves. And isn't that precisely what this girl is doing? Taking care of herself? She's right. You're wrong. And you always will be.

  • This is another problem with "metaphors, and with analogies"... Everyone doesn't always understand them, and they go over a lot of people's heads. Perhaps you should read her original post again. She's never says that she was looking to "take care of herself". She specifically stated that she is looking " for a rich guy that can provide for me". This game is timeless, and certainly not original. She is certainly welcomed to play (herself) if she would like. But like many others before her, she will most likely wind up as an "old clunker".

  • m o r o n

  • B****

  • It is stupid not to find the richest guy you can to tie the knot with or at least have as a generous boyfriend. Why settle for less and be broke? It makes no sense.

  • I don exactly the same thing. EXACTLY. Right now I'm dating two guys and I made both of them tell me about their financial situation before I ever agreed to even go out on a date with them. One pays my rent on my condo and the other pays the note on my Mercedes. I split time between the two and neither one knows about the other one. Both of them are in love with me, and I treat them equally well. It's perfect, for them and for me. But especially for me.

  • Gee, what a Prize you are...and sadly far too typical.

  • Your sister's experience PROVES that your attitude and your approach are correct. Q.e.d.

  • Ur not a gold digger u are a prostitute.

  • wrong......shes just looking out for every man in all of history

  • I see ur point and bow to ur wisdom.

  • Bow on my d*** while your at it.

  • keep doing what your doing and dont ever stop.

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