Seeky Boyfriend

A few years back i meant this guy in Atlantic City at a friends party..he was cute and i thought he was single anyways we exchanged numbers started chatting and i found out he as a girlfriend but i kept on talking to each other. We exchanged pictures (nudity of course), he came over to my place and tired to get in pants, just flirting stuff. but we never slept together cause he has a girlfriend. Anyway recently i recieved some emails from ***** saying what's good, basically trying to get in my pants anyway. So i told whoever that "really" a piece of my mind. We didnt f***, yes we could had if i wanted to because he was surely trying very very hard. His b**** is f****** clueless to who he really is. She needs to go check the other b****** he f***** and jump off mines before i meet up with her.

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