Friends wife

My friend and I work together and our wives are friends. We've all know each other since childhood.
I've been attracted to his wife for a long time but didn't think anything would ever happen!
We had exchanged phone numbers and began texting each other for casual things. Over time the conversation slowly became more. We started talking to each other about attraction and it was mutual but agreed we shouldn't act on it. That didn't last.
Over the next few months we would sneak the odd kiss and I got my hands on her beautiful body!
One evening she needed a ride home and no was around so I picked her up to bring her home.
I picked her up and we headed to a spot she knew.we started kissing and hands wandering. Soon I had my hand in her panties and she had my c*** out of my pants. I asked if she wanted to have s** and within a few seconds she had her pants off and was riding me. Her p**** felt amazing and she was very turned on. She rode me for a short time and I could tell she was coming. This really got me going and within seconds of her I came inside that silky p****.
We stayed and talked for a while then headed home with no one suspecting a thing.

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  • Its only fair that your friend should be able to f*** your wife. You should invite them over and suggest a game of strip poker. Once everyone is naked, tell your wife that she should go sit on his lap. If only soft swapping happens that's fine. It will progress to full swapping eventually. This way you'll be able to f*** his wife and not feel any guilt.

  • You sound like a f***** 12 year old. Asking if she wanted to have s**. GTFO who asked s*** like that when you know your about to f***.

  • Hot and sexy

  • I she pregnant yet?

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