Did She Love Me?

Ok, so I did some activities with a group. The activities went on about once a week for 7 months. There was this girl, she was British, and she was my age, almost exactly. I kinda dint talk to her and she dint talk to me, not because we dint like each other just because we did not know each other and did not notice each other. One say we got paired together, and we talked and I really liked her and she seemed to really like me. We got paired in a a few other things in the next 3 or so months.
Then she just randomly one day started talking to me and walking with me. We sat next to each other for a presentation by someone else (which lasted 2 and a half hrs). She said we should go to school together, which was obviously impossible, but nice anyway. The next few times she talked to me, introduced me to her friends (who her very nice and funny)and her brother, who was older than her (he seemed lukewarm and shy to me). She was really ecstatic and hyper (in a good way) while doing this, which gave out good vibes to me. We exchanged phone numbers, and texted and had a good time. After two days of texting on and off, she stopped. I texted her once for two days then stopped. When I came back next week, she looked tired, and did not talk to me just played on her iPhone. I talked to her best guy friend, and he said that she thought that I thought that I was mad at her for not texting back so I stopped. I tried to catch her before she left, but I could not find her. I texted her that I was not mad at her, and that I heard it from her friend. She said he never said that, and that she never thought I was mad. She also said she was really busy and had to go.

And I never heard from her again.

I still love her. She was the nicest, most beautiful women I ever meet.

I feel very bad about sending that text, and I feel it was my fault. It was the second to last one when that happened, I did not see her or her brother at the last one.

I wonder if she hates me, or her friend said something, or I was a douche somehow, or something else.

I am going to have this thing again soon, and I want to know what you guys think.

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  • Agreed, it doesn't seem you did anything wrong at all. It may simply be case of that she did like you, but perhaps later decided the circumstances were too complicated. I know that's probably not what you wanted to here, but it's a real possibility that must be considered, however painful and unwelcome.
    What her friend said may have simply been in attempts to reassure you, and in fact, a fabrication or bending of the truth... i don't think they meant that to hurt you, however, they were probably just making a flawed attempt at not hurting your feelings while attempting to basically tell you she wasn't interested anymore.
    Again! i'm sorry that i said it, but it's a possibility.
    HOWEVER, given the earlier evidence it does seem that she genuinely liked you, she seemed very enthusiastic about you when introducing to friends etc., but it may be a case of things changing in the time you were apart... yes, sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder, but also there's the converse of "out of sight out of mind" :/ during that time she may have simply moved on, or her feelings dwindled and for whatever reason never rekindled.
    Next time you see her, perhaps attempt a genuine chat on the subject... though i advise you not to be too aggressive in your attempts to start conversation or extract an explanation from her... there may be a very simple, genuine explanation that could fall on either side of the coin. You just need to be frank and open, and hope she does the same with you. I'm British myself, and though this is a stereotype there is evidence in psychological study that our emotions are a little more guarded than some other nations... sure we can act all cheery and such, but there's this odd ingrained impulse to keep distance... if there's a chance for the pair of you, you just need to keep a stiff upper lip and breach that outer shell of crumpets and scones ;) Good Luck!

  • It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong. You don't say what was in the last text to her, but whatever happened that made her turn off to you, it wasn't your fault. It has more to do with her then it has to do with you.

    Maybe her brother had some influence. Maybe she was just really busy and since you guys go to different schools it didn't seem like it was a good idea to pursue anything. Maybe one of her friends had a crush on you and she didn't want to cause waves. You can run scenarios ..Girls can flip a switch at a moment's notice..

    Was it love? Maybe for you, but it doesn't sound like you knew her well enough to truly know her. I get love at first site and that maybe you developed deeper feelings for her. Look for her on Facebook. Or maybe when you go again you can reconnect and clear the air. Just be cool..because she may not feel the same way as you do. You don't want to scare her off.

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