I hate Lesbian Relationships.

That I hate my relationship. I really do, I love my girlfriend, she's the love of my life. But I hate the way she is.. She literally makes people fall in love with her, I've been with her for 2 years, I planned on marrying her, spending my life with her, growing old together. Ya know? Like finally being complete, I've been in relationships, and I finally thought that this one would've been different. I don't want to make this seem like it's all her fault, but then again.. It kind of is. I've been on both sides of the stick. I've been the person who cheated, been cheated on, a home-wrecker, and being home-wrecked. And you know how you get so comfortable in a relationship that it's hard to think about anything outside of it.. I completely changed my life for her, I spend my days trying to make hers better. But she still acts the same, she thinks that she has enough for 2 or 3 people at a time, and it's a f****** sack of s***. I hate it so much. That she decides when we talk. I'm basically the man of the relationship, well that's not entirely true.. Because we're both lip-stick lesbians, but she's still in the closet. And she just gets on my last nerve, but I still love her.. I love her with my all.. But I don't feel like she's giving the amount that I am. And I'm sick and tired of it.. But I've been trying for this for so long, that I'm afraid to give it all up.. I love her so much.. I just feel so lost.

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  • your girlfriend? shes what they call a W****. thats why people "fall in love" with her all the time: its cause she gives up the p**** so easy. and the sooner you leave her the less likely it will be that you will contract a std. leave her trashy ass like today.

  • ditto the post below...married 32 yrs

  • Here is the problem: your "love tank" is empty...you don't feel loved...and NOTHING that you do will change your partner's habits, EVEN if she realizes that you are not RECEIVING love from her. IF you want a solution, here it is: GO WITH THE FLOW, OR JUMP TO A NEW SHIP. Sometimes a couple's lives are so intertwined with family and financially that splitting up is not an option...OUR LIVES were not meant to be happy...10,000 years ago, we humans lived in daily misery against the cruel earth, what makes you think happiness is the NATURAL STATE OF MAN?...Accept your situation and be the best partner YOU can, OR BAIL!...but, STOP WHINING! NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR IT!

  • The problems you're describing and dealing with aren't unique to lesbian relationships, honey: those happen in relationships of EVERY nature, if not every relationship, period. You really, really need to get over the idea that you're the noble martyr whose efforts are the only reason the relationship maintains any of the physical properties of a relationship: trust me when I tell you she doesn't consider you to be either noble or a martyr. If you want to be with her -- as she exists -- be with her. And if you don't -- or can't -- don't be. She's not going to change. But you already know that, and so you just need to stop whining about it and decide whether or not to continue. My recommendation? Dump this thoughtless, flighty, egocentric b**** and go find someone who is capable of caring as much about you as she cares about herself: this one clearly isn't.

  • It sounds like you've lost sight of who you are. Changing for the better is one thing, but changing to be someone you're not may not make you happy in the end. Relationships are about compromise. It sounds like you're keeping a scorecard, that's never a good sign. Time for a talk to see if you're both still on the same page; talk about future goals and talk about what's working and not working for you two. Communicating what you're feeling with her, is the only way to really get through this.

  • i know you worked hard but if she is not willing to love you back, or even come out of the closet for you, i dont think you will have a healthy relationship

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