Even when it's bad, it's great

I'm 17 and I think I'm addicted to s**. I've had s** with 5 guys..this summer i've had 2 f*** buddies, and one isn't that good at s** (haha), but i find myself still wanting to have s** with him. for both guys i've driven long distances just to have s** with them. ever since i broke up with my boyfriend about 2 months ago i have been craving s**. like constantly, with every hot guy i see. i just wish there was a guy in my town that i could have that relationship with. it's all i think about and i get cranky when it's been a couple days. i just wish i could do it more freely without people thinking i'm sleezy. it's not like i'm stupid, i always use protection and stuff. guys do the same thing, for them it's not slutty, but for girls it is. i just wish people would get over the double standard and let me have s** with whoever i wanted.

Aug 10, 2012

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  • You could be making some good money, why let them have it for free. Charge £10 b****** and £20 f***. Some even pay up to £100 for a few hours.

  • Haven't you tried masturbating??

  • I've thought about that myself, I'm also 17 and I'm a girl. right after my first time having s** with my serious boyfriend I broke up with him because I was afraid he was going to be the only one I'd ever be with. so after him I slept with 3 other Guys and have been trying to keep myself from sleeping with anymore because I feel like its just become dangerous in many different ways. but another part of me just thinks of s** 24/7 I find myself going back to guys I haven't talked to in months just to see if they are single and want to hookup. The reason why I told u all this is because I want to let u know I'm in the same situation as you I hope we both figure out what's best for us!

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