PASSED gas on a friends FACE!

Im a bad speller so hang with me...:)

one night me my husband an a good friend were drinking we were so gone ..i was so gone .anyways he decided to spend the night and at the time the only furniture we had in mine an my husbands home at the time was all in our room.. an we had a twin sized matress that was on the floor we told him he could crash out on... well when we all said ok time for bed i said all drunk "i have to go pee" an mind u the matress was close to the door .. so as im walking to the door to go threw the kitchen to the bathroom i stumbled an fell indian style an sat on our friends face.. i thought it was so funny i started to laugh i couldnt get up it was sooo funny an as i was laughing i passed gas. that made me laugh even harder an continued to fart on him.. i could not get up i was holding on to the door n** an my husband was jus rolling laughing in the bed an i was like help me up an our friend says real slow an drunk with his face smashed on my butt .. he says " Whaaaaatt ttthheee fuuuuuck .. we could not stop laughing. i eventualy got help from my husband to get up... i told him sorry a million times.. an the next day i woke with a bad hang over an started to think about the night befor an i looked at our friend laying there with his eyes opend an we both just started to laugh.. my husband an him never let me live it down!! butt at least we have a good friend!

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  • Haha, that's awesome.

  • Dsgusting.

  • That's why you can't spell for s***

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