No reason to for unemployment issues

Today I received my Intelligence quotient test scores(IQ), which I had taken three mothers prior from today. The test described my QI score ranging from 175-176. I can speak seven fluent language, three from Europe, three from Asia (I understand 25 dialects (over 300 dialects in Asia alone)), and English my primary spoken language. Although I know so much information which are a non-contributive factor in finding job in American, I have worked in over 30 different facilities. Its understandable that most adult are in need of a higher pay. I am so lazy, I just trivial to my mothers house and read a about anything for the remainder of my day. Math won't help this time.

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  • English may be your primary spoken language, but it's not your primary written one. So relax, you're not quite as godlike as you think. Maybe that attitude is what's holding you back.

  • Self discovery and creativity can help.

  • A dictionary would help more

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