F*** Mothers Day

I have a hard life. Very hard. And I try not to complain because it is what I was dealt and that's okay. I have a disabled kid, and the dad left because he can't handle it/doesn't send any support. (there's more but I won't stretch this that long) I struggle to stay happy with my life, because it's my decision to be happy and I hate the poor me crap.

But S*** would it hurt people to throw me birthday parties? To buy me a mothers day gift or flower? People forget the single mom because they have their own lives, but it's so hard not to feel like crap on holidays when I'm struggling to manage life with my loved but challenging kid, and no one has done anything for me. F*ck Mothers Day. I bust my ass 365 and nothing special is happening today, it's just another day.

May 12, 2013

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  • Drop off your kid at the father's and live your dreams. Would your child even remember you??

    Let him suffer...

    Spoil yourself. Why expect others to please you?

  • Uh, I get the frustration, but you're playing that "single mom" card WAY too hard. There are a lot of parents out there, single and otherwise, who very firmly believe that the fact that they've bred entitles them to pretty much anything their shrunken hearts desire. Wants become "needs". Everyone, from family to strangers, must contribute time, money, udder pats for Mommy-- but never feedback that she doesn't like. EVER!!

    Your situation is similar to far more people's than you think, and not all of them could or wanted to grunt out a kid. You say you don't like to do the poor-me thing, but you're in denial. Sorry you bred and rolled snake eyes, but you're not the only lonely person out there. Snap out of it.

  • Im a single mum with a child with special needs too. Same story, father walked out because he couldn't deal. Refuses to support her in any way. I was lucky enough to have a beautiful friend buy me a gift and it helped a lot. But i go to a support group so my daughter has others she can mix with and i get to mix with the parents. It really helps so much. I know how you feel. The first 3 years of her life i had nobody x

  • You need to join a group of people that share your life situation or activities. Community Centre, church, library, etc. This way you'll make friends and get to know people that will help you out on mother's day and your child who has disabilities.

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