Our mother's made do, with our father as their husband

I'm the youngest of four kids. I'm 32.

My home was my mothers. and my father. In the day when my mothers were young, women weren't accepted as a couple. My father. who is nine years older than them, gave them 'cover'. After they finished college my birth mother married my father. They are still married.

Today women as a couple would not raise eyebrows. My mothers are a couple. From the time my father took them in, they were 20 year old college Juniors. Over their 44 years together they had four kids, two each, built professional careers, built a home for themselves and my father.

They don't use words like gay or lesbian or **. They do use words like 'dear' and 'sister'. My father they call 'John', or when they needed him to lay down the law 'your father', as if he wasn't their other children's father. My brothers and sister feel like me, we never see our mothers as being a couple, we cant help it, they are our mothers, our father's wives. I was just a never questioned thing that they shared the master and our father had his room.

Sep 15

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