I Am At A Cross Road

MY lovely girlfriend and i think its best that we move in with eachother even tho we known eachother for four and a half months but i am stuck i live in wisconsin and she in iowa i am due to move there on september 15 but i am stuck. i am scared that if i move i will hurt all my close friends that i known sencs k5. Should i move knowning that there is a chance i will hurt my friends.

what you think ladies and gents

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  • 4 1/2 months is not a long time to date someone and moving in with them sounds risky. Maybe you should go there for a couple of weeks, spend time with this girl and scout out apartments and jobs before taking the plunge. Or if you like it there, get your own place..and date her..what's the rush? Just make sure you're really making the right decision.

    You're about to move to a city where you only know one person. What are you going to do for work? for friends? for your own social life - cause she's going to have all her friends in place? Why Iowa? Because she's from there? Why not compromise and move somewhere else entirely?

    You sound like you're really young if you are so concerned with what your friends may think or if the friendships will be hurt. Friendships change all time because people grow up and move on with their lives. But that doesn't mean you won't always be in touch with everyone. If your friendships are strong enough it won't matter where you move to, or even if they move away. Not moving on with your life or not moving out of state because you've known someone since Kindergarten shouldn't be a reason to put your life on hold. If you want to move and if you're ready, then you should do it for you. It really sounds like you're not ready and looking for a way out.

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