School Camping

A couple of years ago, when i was in gr7 our class had a big argument: later in the year all gr7's from our school went camping so we had to choose our camp leaders but, it had to be a boy and a girl and we both had to have experience. The problem was everybody thought they could do it, so we got split into teams and send to a forest in the Rockies. We had to get to our destination point first to be the leaders. I was put on a team with Kate, she was HOT, everybody in gr7 had a crush on her (just boys not girls :) ! ). Getting to the destination would take at least 4 days. On our second day we hit trouble, We had to cross a mountain stream, since we didn't have our swimsuits with us we had to go naked. Luckily we were ahead thanks to my experience, so it was only 2 of us. She didn't want to strip in front of me so i had to chase her around a bit. She got it her way anyway so we went to find alternate route, she was so reckless she got stuck in a bog so i had to pull her out, that left us both covered head to tow in mud so i convinced her to strip and shower under a waterfall,we both did. It was heaven, me and my dream girl, both naked, showering in a FREEZING mountain waterfall. Then I got a b****. She noticed and just laughed, I was soooo embarrassed so I just laughed with her, later that night we had s** in our tent (full on s**!), we both never had s** before so it was a great experience, it was also the first time I saw a real naked girl, I can still remember her b**** and her warm, moist p****. We're still dating each other and have s** sometimes, but that was truly a once in a lifetime adventure and a great experience!!!

P.S. We did win, so we were the camp leaders.
Also the "experience" I was talking about comes from my annual trips to Siberia (me and my family are from Russia) to visit my grandpa, he's a ranger so we spend most of our time outside, so i know a lot about wilderness and how to survive in it using only what nature gives us.

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  • Stiffy in a cold waterfall, my ass.

  • Bullshit... Gr7 my parents didn't even let in out the house! Liar!

  • Your parents.

  • That fountin part must of been amazing.

  • Wait... how old would you be in grade 7? And these people let you go into a forest in the ROCKIES... alone in boy-girl groups... for FOUR DAYS... ALONE?

    *atchoo!* Oh, sorry, i'm allergic to bullshit...

  • Adults were escorting us, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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