I have a problem with stealing

I can stop stealing for a very longtime.and something inside makes me go back to the same ole thing.i keep fighting wit myself.i attend church and bible study on a regular.but i still cant seem to get it together.im the sole provider for my family rite now so i cant afford to get in anymore trouble.i want to talk to my pastor about it and get some help.i really need to get it together.i would love to keep my constuoius clear.and not have to worry about anything.seekin help&guidence.i dnt want to always be known as a theft.i would like to relocate&change my entire enviorment.

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  • I do the same, its for no other reason than thrill I think. I dont need the stuff, I dont even want the stuff necessarily, its literally something to do...I get better for a while then get bored and do it again, people are on to me, here and there, and it sucks, I dont have an honest reputation anymore, and I hate it....

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