What should i do now?

I am 23yrs old man. Working in a office. Havin beautiful gf from last four years & we are thinking about marriage.

My problem is my boss (42yrs old lady). I fuckd her once cause she offers me promotion in my work. I got it also. But she now ask me to f*** her almost everytime. And the problem is i cant say no to her cauz she have got all the rights to fire me from my job.

I love my girlfriend a lot that i cant able to tell her truth... I am in a deep trouble now.

Friends please comment some usefull answers. Thank you

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  • She can't fire you because you won't have s** with her. If anything, YOU can get HER fired and file for sexual harassment.

  • Nothings half as hot as an older married woman. dude ya gotta keep tappin that ass!!!!!!!!

  • I you had to affair befor you and your girlfriend got together, I would keep my mouth shut if you love girlfriend, never cheat again, you can still have a life with your girlfriend and marriage, but tell your boss your marriage now,

  • Tlk to a lawyer and file for sexual harassment. Unless you think that it won't work since it was consensual. Then the next time she asks for s** just refuse and make sure you record the conversation of you turning her down and if you so happen to get fired then sue their a**** of and your boss will immediately be fired. Also don't be afraid to talk to your girlfriend just tell her that you where feeling trapped she may come around to forgive you.

  • Tll her you contracted herpes, she will never bother u again

  • Dmn I wish I had your boss! H*** to the YEAH you should stay on her! God, all of us out here would love to trade places with you, and you're a hero to all of us. Go for it!

  • Dde do you even have to ask? keep hitting that hot older s*** for as long as humanly posible! go get that s*** and hit it!!

  • Yu absolutly should keep banging that hotboss lady

  • Yu should definately NOT give up the boss, dude: that's a sure thing and how many sure things do we get in life? I'll tell you: damn few. Whatever you do, do not allow the boss to get away.

  • @he post below: seriously, bro? Well, im one of those guys who stays faithfull, but whatever. To the point: if she DOESNT move on to another toy, what happens if his gf finds out? Theres always spys, sneaks, and accidental walk-ins that happen, thereby ruining his relationship with his GF. Just... Stop

    @Confessor: idk wat to say, just tell her to please stop, that you want to stay fiathful, but if she says no, then... I have no advice. Just try your best to stay with your girlfriend, unless you dont really love her

  • Yu have the best of all possible worlds: at work, with your girlfriend, and with your boss. But ESPECIALLY your boss. Whatever you do, do NOT allow that hot older p**** to get away: you HAVE to keep hitting that, and as often as you possibly can. Don't wait for the boss to ask: initiate the sexual contact yourself (in the office, at bars, in her car, etc.) and be sure you do that at least as often as she does. I don't know your girlfriend but I'm certain that the boss's p**** is way better. Or at least way hotter. Either way, you gotta keep getting on that, and you gotta stop worrying over it. Let it be fun, and it will be incredibly fun. Eventually, the boss will cool out, or find a new plaything, and you'll be off the hook......but by THAT time, you'll have gotten some promotions and some raises, and you'll have had YEARS of that hot older p**** and you will always be her favorite because of it.

    DUDE! Stop wasting time, and go hit that hot older s***! You are a lucky man and you need to realize it.

  • Kep f****** her and enjoy.

  • Oay!, first your boss is a cougar, Second, is the s** good, if yes stay with the company, and tell your girlfriend nothing?, third, Quiet your job!

  • 40 year old bosses who want to be f***** are not going to stop wanting it. you need to get evidence of her asking you to f*** her all the time. She can't fire you without going against the law. You also need to tell your gf; if she can't understand, you have a whole nuther problem.

    Your boss (and her p****) need help. you have to be strong. Get your gf on your side. And the law.

    PS: no matter how nice ur boss's p**** is, your gf's is better.

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