This is my story. please commet?(:

Here i go. I am as of right now a 13 year old girl. I met this boy well i am not joking me and him fell in love legit. It was love at first sight and we both new it. BUT heres the catch. He was 18.... you are all probably thinking; why would any sane 18 year old go for a 13 year old girl. no. it was different with us well, obviously my mom or any mom would never aprove of this realtionship. lies&lies were told, as well as sneaking around. me and this boy had s** together, becuase well we werent really thinking we would get caught we thought no it wont happen to us. well me being the dumbass asked my mom for my 18 year old boyfriend to come over, and i tried to pass him of for 14.well she actually didnt suspect anything , she just didnt buy he was 14 thenme being a dumb ass again wrote my bestfriend a letter about everything about me and my 18year old boyfriend. and guess what happens next? .. uh well my mom find the letter. discoveres the lie. my whole deep lie if uncoverered.. i am BUSTED. my mom, well yeah she lost trust in me if that isnt obvious. and well she called him and his family screaming becuase well..his parents knew about meand stuff. -__- it made me feel horrible. AND THEN I OBVIOUSLY had to stop talking to him, which then tore me apart i cryed my self to sleep for months and months everynight. i slept with the bunny he gave me every night and cryed reading his letters and looking at our pictures over and over again , my mom took this to the police. ..saturtory rape.. i had to speak to detectives , and so did he. the love of my life going to jail becuase of me.... well i made her drop the case after a couple months i convinced her. thank and him secretly talked on the phone for 3 hourss the other night about EVERYTHING. we cried on the phone together :( be decided it would be best if we moved on cuz we could never work...:(

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  • U guys cood get back 2gether wen ur older

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