I still love you

That to this day i still love you Destiny. And, it hurts to admit that after everything. I can still feel your presence and your memory gnawing at the back of my mind. You were the only thing on my mind this past weekend and no matter what i did i could not shake this overwhelming feeling to contact you. But i cant outright, as you know, just drop by and say hello. but yet you essence draws on my soul, i feel your in distress so i must make this confession. Even though i love you, i cant live like this; because part of me hates you des. if i continue to see you in every faces i see i'm gonna go insane. i may have to drop by and settle this like i did with my first love, and i don't want to pity you and your life like that. so if you ever read this email me please let me know you safe and things are OK. Because, I've broken a promise buy writing to you so please don't let it be in vain.


love 10/27/07

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