Confession and prayer please

I need to confess and need prayer because of the fact that my own mother is a flipping nuts she is not a good talker at all all she is doing is condemning people and telling lies and yet she is doing it herself she is the one who drinking and going off on people because of her misery she blames everyone around her for her misfortune and for what she has done to herself she is not happy in less some one is miserable i do not have the time to pay attention to her and her ignorance or her self pity cause she is who she is because of what she dishes out I hate the fact that her and my dad are at each others throat and for what cause she has an attitude and so does my dad oh my gosh its like listening to two two year olds and its not funny i get up and get yelled out because of the darn cats knocking something over come on both of my parents are ignorant and i feel like going off on them both and i go to college and when i am doing homework they expect me to do things for them when i say i do not have time to it they have an attitude with me i am so sick and tired of this garbage that i want to cry and move the heck out of here but i do not have the funding and i am just sick of these two bickering old hags they need to grow up and stop being so childish please help and pray for me thank you

Sep 5, 2012

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