Unfaithful wedding night

So I am a 40 y/o female and have been married to my husband for 4 years now. I am previously divorced. We got divorced because he was out of town for his business for long periods of time. Neither of us cheated as far as I know. It was just better for us to just be single since we didnt spend alot of time together.

Anyway, so I didn't spend my last night before the wedding with my future husband since we wanted to go the traditional route. So, the night before my matron of honor and I hung out at my place. We drank and played cards. Neither of us were wearing much as we have been friends for years.

We got to talking about fantasies and such and I let slip that I was slightly curious about having s** with another woman. Not curious enough to actively pursue a female to get with. Well, my friend said, "Well, tomorrow you get married. If you are gonna do anything now would be the time." My friend has been bisexual (pretty much a lesbian) for a long time. We got to kissing and touching (alcohol has a way of making things easier to try). Next thing I know, we are in my bedroom having fantastic lesbian s**. We are all over each other and doing things I've only imagined while masturbating.

So here I am happily married 4 years later and still having an affair with her. My husband is easy going and open minded but I'm not sure I'm ready to tell him that I've been having a lesbian affair for the past 4 years


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  • Tell ur hubby he might want to watch or like the other person have a threesom good luck

  • If you decide to tell him, make sure she is ready to give him some p**** to keep him calm. It's the only option.

  • Have you considered a threesome?

  • It's ok, you're ok. People weren't made to be monogamous. It's a stupid ideal that ruins what is a short time on this planet.

  • Dayum what a boss lolol. no but seriously get a divorce hahaha

  • Owhh, hail nahh, b**** getchur s*** together. Pick one, if you like the hoe so well, do her and drop the man.

  • Would you care if your husband f***** another woman? You should end the marriage, or quit the cheating.

  • I'd fuking smash you up and down the place for that, and i'd do worse to ur gay lesbian beast friend! ur commiting adultery you stinkin ass b****! y get married if you dont take

  • It seriously, ur ridiculous you fuking rat. n f** ur marriage wreking lesbian w**** too!

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