I resent my boyfriend

My boyfriend is really sweet and loves me a lot, but i resent him because i work out constantly and eat well so i can look and feel good. he's constantly telling me how hot he thinks i am, but he doesn't work out and he's like 30 pounds overweight. he's always making excuses about why he can't work out and he gets mad at me when i bring it up. why is it ok for him to sit around and be fat while i make such an effort to stay in shape?

he's always asking me whether i think other guys are hotter than him. i don't know what to say because i think he's cute and i'm attracted to him, but i think his fat stomach isn't attractive at all and i would be a lot more attracted to him if he were actually in shape. he keeps saying he'll join a gym and lose weight, but i don't think he's ever going to actually do it.

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  • Deal with who he is and quit trying to change him for your own vanity!

  • Tell him what you just said about his belly. Just be honest with him.

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