I have been dating my boyfriend on and off for the last two years. And everytime we get together we talk about getting married, having our own place, and having kids later on down the road. I have been with my boyfriend this time around for about two months and I am very much in love with him. I have been the whole time. My only problem is I am 18 years old and I act like I am older. My boyfriend is 18 years old and well he doesn't act his age sometimes. We have considered gettIng married again and he even purposed. But he came to realize he's not ready to get married and yes I was upset, but we worked it out. Since he told me he didn't want to get married yet it seems like we've drifted apart and I don't know how to pull us back together. I really want to make things work, but it's hard when you feel like your the only one trying to keep the relationship alive. I really need help from someone who doesn't know either of us personally and can help me decide whether or not this is worth fighting for anymore.

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  • Sometimes THING will happen, you two need to try something new in your relationship, maybe that will help you better, beside the same old thing over and over and over, little role-play, would help in the bedroom, U2 started at the age of 16 being together sometime relationships will grow apart, sometimes a partner breaks a way to another person, it happens all the time, hope the best for you two your relationship

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