New York, my Lover.

I love New York. I also love f****** random men. I'm married and kind of happy, but not fully. Only strangers can get me off.

Mu husband is the sweetest, most caring and protective person. He supports me, my ideas, and respects me. But sadly, I've lost all respect for him somehow. I don't know when, but I do know its because he is just so stable. He's the same every day. The s** feels the same. We buy the same f****** groceries every week and eat at the same restaurants every damn time.

I think we may have married wrongly, both of us. I love change, I've traveled and lived many times over in different countries. I have lovers on every continent.
I thought marrying a man like him would be good for me, and I am ashamed that I am superficial and want someone who can excite me, give me ideas and in a way, feed me bullshit so I keep on my toes.

I do want a man with taste and style. I want someone experienced and worldly. Someone who dresses well and takes pride in their appearance. A man who likes going fast, takes risk, gets what he wants and does it confidently so that I may just look on and smile when he accomplishes something, instead of always consoling, always comforting and trying to drum up his self confidence.

Insecurity rubs off, and I don't like what I'm getting.

Sep 6, 2012

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  • Why are you people so judgmental? Everyone makes mistakes, and she obviously made a big one. So what? Life goes on. It shouldn't cost you everything you want in life. So - make changes, move on, do what you WANT to do instead of settling for what's comfortable, because it's clearly starting to feel uncomfortable. Don't waste your life wishing for things, do what it takes to have them. Live those experiences, find someone that is right for you, someone that excites you, like you said. Do it before it's too late and you find yourself at 70, waiting to pick up your grand kids from the same damn music school every week.

  • Judgmental? Well let me see here...maybe because she started her post with "I love f****** random men and I'm married". Give me a break. Sorry that some of here don't condone infidelity and actually think that if you enter a marriage you should be committed and if you have these urges and feelings you should set the other person free before jet setting around the globe f****** random men. I know..such a strange way to look at it.

  • And women like u are the reason why men will treat their good wife like u enjoy it and think dats how every woman feels. Any man reading this, she's a w**** and this is not how women want to be treated

  • I'll.take your husband, you can have all my douchebag exes.

  • So file for divorce and stop being an unfaithful w****. Your the one that made the wrong choice.

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