Wow fast falling

I dunno i just met this guy but from the moment i heard his voice i just heard the angels come down from above.
i saw his face without my glasses on and decided i liked him in an instant. It was auto-perfection. I think there might be a god, because i saw his face in a blurry fashion and fell in love with his personality.
theres this way of being able to tell a lot about a person through how they talk to others. Teachers especially...
I just heard his voice and fell in love
the problem is im not sure he doesnt already like someone cause i mean he just moved in and all but ALL the girls are all over him.
he also just looks so perfect wow green eyes, slightly crooked front teeth, dark hair, hipster glasses and slightly tanned skin, like, he's amazing in every aspect...he's nice to everyone, and just so funny. He's just, amazing. Wow...his personality is really pretty intoxicating and it makes me sick all the girls like him for his looks.
because i probably don't have a chance, they're all much prettier then I, and already know him a lot better...i'm pretty invisable. I caught him looking my way a few times in science, and maybe once in choir? i dont think he was looking at me but i guess its possible, i think we locked eyes once or twice
just wow i'm not sure if this is hormones or love at first sight but i've learned to trust that it's hormones...oh gosh i hope its not...

Sep 7, 2012

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  • just said you didn't see him properly so how can it be love at first sight?

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