I like him so much but I'm confused

I really like this guy that I'm friends with (we go to college together and live on the same floor. I met him a month ago), and I think that he might be interested in me too, but I'm still not sure! He and I flirt heavily and a lot of people that are our mutual friends think that he is into me, but he is a major jokester and is also always messing around and flirting with other girls, so I can't tell.

He always makes jokes about how we should hook up, or are going to hook up. He is kind of fickle with girls, and will comment around his guy friends about certain girls that he's into, but then he always "chickens out". I asked him about a certain girl that I think he's interested in, and he kind of got weird and blew me off. He'll come into my room and ask me to read his essays a lot, and sometimes he'll tell me that he just wants time to hang out with me alone. A couple of days ago he came up to me late at night while I was on the phone in the hall and gave me the rest of a box of Cheez its that I had been eating earlier in his room, and I put down the phone, leapt up, and embraced him intensely and held him for a while. After I stepped back he was like "wow... that was QUITE the hug... man... kinda scared me!... but... wow. Quite the hug." and he smiled at me and then walked away.

I'm so confused! Everyone says that I should make the first move because "he never does" and there have been so many moments when I feel like I could just kiss him quick and see how he reacts, but I get scared! I also have self-esteem problems around him and I fear that he doesn't think that I'm attractive. What should I do???

Sep 29, 2011

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  • Its no coincidence that he tries to be around you alone. Theirs clearly sexual tension there but it seems both of you are afraid of rejection the chance might not happen since no one wants to move. Don't be aggresive and sneak up on him and kiss him gaze into the eyes smile and approach, his return gaze will tell you how to proceed.

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