Guys would you?

Would you ever share your chick with your friends in a g*******? I confess that I really want to be turned into a little s*** and shared by my bf, but he will probably never be up for it.

Sep 9, 2012

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  • My boyfriend knows there were a lot of guys before him but I don't think he would go for that.

  • Yes!!!! Yess!!! I've done it and continue to! You would LOVE IT!

  • Absolutely yes. If everyone else is up for it, why not? For me s** is about the fun and excitement of it. I don't get jealous over matter of s**. and I don't understand why some do.

  • I shared my wife with one of my best friends. It was a fantasy of hers and he wasn't getting any at home. We did it on three different occasions. We have a different relationship than most couples and I don't think most could handle it.

  • Were you ever jealous? i guess you are right to say that most people won't be able to handle it. im not serious about my bf right now and i dont think he is either. thats why i think a threesome could work out.

  • Depends on the nature of the relationship.

    You will never know unless you talk to him about it; maybe start by dropping a subtle joke if you hear about a threesome in a movie/tv show other situation you do together.

    Watching some p*** together with the situations you want to act out might help him get the idea.

    Bring a vibrator/d**** into bed and call it a two-and-a-half-some. Later suggest you try with the real thing.

    Trade a MMF threesome for a MFF threesome. Even if doesn't like the idea of sharing you with another dude, he might still do it if you promise he can bring a girl into bed some other time.

  • I tried asking him if he would, and he said he would not...he is not even into MFF threesomes, we do have fun with toys and stuff, but I feel that he thinks bringing someone else into the bedroom might ruin our jealousy. Thanks though.

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