In Love With My Step Brother

Let's call him jack, who is my step-brother, for years now. We found out we liked each other like 3 years ago and actually started this secret relationship. I felt amazing when I was with him, it was so much fun and it was actually passionate. For some strange reason he knew where I liked to be kissed and touched, he made me want him whenever he wanted. He knew that just by kissing or touching me in certain places it could send me crazy. Whenever my Dad and his Mom went out we would quickly sit next to each other and talk for hours. He was the perfect boyfriend...

But I always had that doubt in my mind, about it was so wrong to be with my step-brother. So I kept braking it off with him. Over and over again. But every time he walk talk me round. One time I was determined to stop it once and for all. And I did, but he told me that its not wrong and we cant help being in love with other. Stubborn as I was I turned away and went to talk into another room, when I felt his hand grab my arm. He pulled me back and cornered me up the wall. 'No point, jack. I'm serious this time'. I said trying to not make eye contact with his big brown eyes. But instead of talking me out of it he tried to kiss me but pushing himself on me while Ii was against the wall. I tried pushing him off, but he was so strong. I even tried saying no, but he wasnt talking it for an answer. Eventually I gave in when he started to kiss my neck, I wrapped my arms around him. In the heat of the moment as I tried to catch my breath, I noticed something hard and bulging pressing against me and instead of doing to right thing and pushing him off me, I began to slowly reach down. AND THAT'S ALL SHE WROTE ABOUT THAT...

This went on for over a year, until we felt our parent getting suspicious, so I stopped come over. But by the time I began to visit again he had changed completely. He would hardly speak to me or even make eye contact with me. He would even just leave the house and make out he had made plans - clearly he was avoiding me. I felt like my heart was broken. But instead of trying to talk to him, I pretended like I didn't care either.

1 YEAR 6 months later, I started a relationship with someone else. I just thought he clearly doesn't care. After all I kept hearing how he had yet another girl. I even would hear how he slept with those other girls. Although I didn't sleep with him, because I felt too young I didn't like the idea he was with someone else.I as at they're house again, when I noticed jack actually was here this time. Although he did lock himself away in his room. But when my Dad and his Mom left to get food he slowly came down and started doodling on the paper opposite me, all the time quickly looking up at me then looking back down to his paper. But after a while we began to talk again, it felt like the old times and we were just joking around when I started reading something I saw out of a newspaper but when i looked up to see what his response to me was he grabbed me by the face and started to kiss me. Knowing I was in a relationship I pulled away and I started shouting at him not letting him speak at all. Later when I left and was at him he started messaging me telling me how those feelings never stopped and He couldn't help himself any more. He still loved me... I broke up with the other guy because it wasn't fair on him that I was wasting his time. But me and jack cant go back to how we was before, can we? Our parents don't see each other any more and I cant leave the house without my mom dropping me to my friends and actually knowing my friends who Im with (Its like living in a prison). We haven't seen each other since and I have no idea what to do. Help?


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  • Just get into a real conversation with him ask him why he sudden stopped talking there can be many reasons ive went through depression and denial more times than I can count and even though I really cared about my girlfriend I shut her out because I didnt want to drag her down with me I thought it would be better that she hated me than was as broken as I was... and she lived miles away from me but we did find a way to get together I just hitch a ride with my sister who has a job a few miles from her house but whoever wrote that is write when theres a will theres a way.

  • I always believe where there is a will there is a way!! I've learned in my life that you'll never achieve what you want or know the answer to anything until you first seek, ask and take action towards your desires or goals, the worst thing anyone can do is to not even try to attain your desired goals because that most likely leave you with a life time of wondering what could've/would've been and that doesn't help you to put closure to that part of your life that you may be trying to move on from, let me put it like this, my own conscience won't let me move on until I've done everything possible to attain my desires or goals because only then can I truly move on without further obligation knowing in my mind and soul that I did my very best to remedy whatever the situation may have been..

  • He is not your step brother any more. F*** him!!!

  • What if too much time has passed...What if he actually has moved on now, its been so long since our last conversation about us.

  • Honestly I would just move on, it would probably be hard in your situation but you have to let go eventually. Try to find someone who truly makes you happy and don't look back

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