I will be doing your wife

I am your wife’s personal trainer and she is putty in my hands. She gets giggly when I smile at her and flustered when we are close. The first session she came in old sweats and baggy shorts and hair pulled back. Now she shows up looking all cute and sexy for me.

She looks so hot when she stretches for me in the positions I lead her through. Her breathing gets shaky when I lift her like a feather in my muscular arms and hold her in position to exercise. Her little body trembles when I knead her muscles afterwards and my big strong hand works its way up her thighs, getting close, so close to that cute little m*** you thought only belonged to you.

When I lift her back up into a standing position she looks up into my eyes like a smitten kitten, our bodies so close…one move and she is mine for the taking. I know our attraction for each other is unstoppable now. The next time I will take her little body and pull her against me and kiss her passionately and she will melt in my strong arms. My condo is a half mile from the gym, so it will be an easy trip from there.

Once at my place, I will explore her sexy little body as I slowly undress her and then lay her down on the bed and take off the panties you got for her. I will enjoy watching her gasp when my thick, stiffening 9” c*** springs free as I slide my athletic shorts down my muscular legs. She will be soaking wet with anticipation as I pull her legs up and position my big d*** against her married p**** and then find herself make noises she has never heard as I plunge it deep, deep inside her.

Don’t worry little guy, I don’t want a relationship with her and I know she doesn’t want to lose her relationship with you. It is really just about the animal attraction we have for each other and the pure sexual desires we will consummate…over and over again. I will keep her looking great for you because I know she will never miss a session. And your s** life will keep better because I will turn her into a little animal in bed, and she will be much hotter when you make love because she will be thinking about me.

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  • Animalistic nature also dictates that I blow your brains out.

  • I'm fine with you taking my wife with animalistic s**. It gives me more time to f*** her best friend and the new girl at work. I'm not angry or jealous or even concerned. Because at the end of the day, when I am back home and spent for the day, she comes back to me and snuggles up to me lays her head down on my chest and tells me all about her day. It doesn't bother me that she omits that you split her open. As it doesn't bother her that I failed to mention the romp in the office with the new girl Mckayla. But the point is that when it is all said and done, the s** is over... she is mine and I am hers.

  • My personal trainer has muscular legs...but hes a fat f****** slob. Who doesn't even train me properly. Golds gym.is a piece of s*** and they.need to.hire better trainers. 250 per month.for personal training is stupid.

    The b****** has this fantasy with me in it...but if he touched me ..I would kick him in thee b**** soooooo hard and get my husbando to kick.his ass.

    I wanted the cute 26 yre old to.train me...now that one I can have an affair with

  • You should ask for a different trainer there.

    Maybe you will get the cute one and you can gradually flirt more and more with him and see what happens.

  • I am so wet right now

  • I am so hard thinking about you being so wet.

  • Now I'm wet thinking about how hard it made you just by her saying she's wet

  • Me and my mates are smashing the a*** out of your s*** of a girlfriend...........as they say what goes around comes around.
    P.S. your s*** says your c*** is only 4" not 9"

  • I'm a personal trainer too and married women are the best. They don't expect a relationship and appreciate the s** that is better than what they get at home.

  • I'll have what she's having.

  • I'm a girl and this turns me on....

  • I'm a 42 Y.O. Mother of 3, married 17 years, and this couldn't be more true. My hubby encouraged it, I let it happen, and it blew my mind. I've never c** so many times and wanted it more. Crazy thing is it made our s** life better. And I'm buff to boot and have guys hitting on me left and right. Sad I fought it so long.

  • Good for you for finally giving in, it took me a while to convince my wife to do the same thing. After she got used to it it was 3 or 4 times a day with different guys. She was a stay-at-home mom she loved it that way. Guys would come to her on a daily basis they would pick her up I would babysit and they would take her out and have fun with her. She always told me all about it turn me on many times enjoyed oral with her afterwards

  • The more s** you have the better your married life is, my wife gets laid many times a week she tells me all about it it's a turn-on

  • I got so hot imagining it is my wife you are talking about.

  • Quite the c********* you are. I hope the husband is a sadistic f*** who ends up finding out and murdering your pathetic ass. LoL.

  • Dude the post is obviously for guys that get off fantasizing about that sort of thing. Sounds like you are the sadistic one hoping for a murder to happen.

  • I agree with you he has to be sadistic, I find it fantastic that my wife goes out and gets f*****. She comes home and we make passionate love idiot should try in

  • Err... I need to return some videotapes...

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