I don't even know...

I always thought love at first sight was something you read about, and dreamed out; A hope to satisfy the positive thinks of our society; and most of all fake. It was up until last Wednesday that I thought, and now I simply act.

I'm not quite sure if I'm sane or not, but I'd like to think I'm different, and one week ago there was a girl who is different in a way that I may be. I found her in a hallway, walking towards my direction.

I forget why I am telling you the whole story...
It's insignificant, but I don't believe in taking back what is said, or planned to be said.

Everything was perfect until today, when she asked me what I would think if she also like a girl... I think it's only sexual, but it hurts and it bugs me and it shouldn't because it's just a girl, It's no big deal. I was in love with her and still am and I can't let this stupid thing ruin us, but it's just there... I can never think of her as My Love, I'll think of her as my love who is also someone else's lover... I thought the puzzling pieces of life were meeting for the first time... now, i just, I don't even know.

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