Bad best friend

Went to school with a girl from seventh to twelfth, which I'm starting now.
the whole time, until the end of eleventh, we were friends. i started being her friend because i thought she needed friends, she didn't seem very intelligent and was really aggressive. In most of eveneth grade, i was losing friends because of her. My friends didn't want to be around me because they thought i was becoming like her. All through eleventh i was thinking i should eliminate her from my life. Finally, at the end of eleventh, we were seeing each other after school and i was gullibly trusting enough that we exchanged a few of our deepest secrets.
She admitted to me some of her very sadistic feelings, such as wanting to make some of our friendliest classmates cry for no apparent reason. I admitted that I cheated on my boyfriend with two other girls in the past. So, she jumped on the opportunity to find more information on the subject and shame/guilt trip me by spending the rest of the night interrogating me. I didn't just leave because I had to produce a bunch of lies in order to make it seem less awful than it was.
I didn't talk to him or any of my school friends all summer, and moved to a different school. Then that girl moved to the school I was at, as if she knew, so i moved to a different one (having to beg my parents to let me move mid-year). The girl has admitted to me that her parents let her change schools pretty much whenever she wants. She told a bunch of people at the school, so within a two days the whole school knew and think i'm a w****.
The school i"m at now was probably the best school i've ever been to, I had tons of new friends now. Until she became best friends of all of the people I was also friends with, pretending to be my friend too. I was terrified when I saw her, but she hasn't told anyone my secret yet as far as I know. Some of these kids are also friends with my out-of-school crowd, which she knows, so if she told them it would destroy some of the most valuable friendships I have.
I think she's mad at me for blowing her off all summer, or maybe she's just a really cruel person. I've never been able to understand her but it i know she's really good at manipulating and very intimidating.

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