I can't stand my stepchild

I know I am an adult. I know this make s me a bad person, but I can't stand this kid. he is lazy, disrespectful, and stupid, and his mother has him convinced he's really smart, so not only is he an idiot, he's a conceited idiot. When people are talking he constantly interrupts. he doesn't listen, his favorite word is "huh". He repeats everyt hing you tell him in the form of a question. " *****, please take out the trash" "did you say take out the trash?" All that combined makes him extremely annoying. when you add in that he has NO manners and NO respect, he's just about unbearable. I try to teach the boy. I try to be patient, but he thinks he already knows it all, so it falls on deaf ears. I just hate him. Lord let the next few years fly by. and please God let his mother stay healthy so he doesn't have to live with me full time.

Sep 16, 2012

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  • That's exactly why as a teenager I decided that I never wanted to be a stepdad and to this day I will never allow myself to fall in love with a women who has children that are not mine. simply because I've been through it as a step child I've also seen and heard the treatment of friends who were step children as I was growing up, and it all leads me to believe that a step parent is not for me because I enjoy and want to keep my peace of mind, people who get in to relationships like that thinking everything is all honky dory and will turn out right, not even considering that things could blow up in their face have no one to blame but themselves, for living a fantasy in stead of reality.

  • The person who responded below obviously doesn't understand your situation. It's easy to say, "Well then don't get married to someone who has kids." You already did. I struggle with liking my step-kids, too. They live with their mom, not with my husband and I. I have just had to decide that I don't have to be a step-mom. I simply have to be the best wife I can be to my husband. So, I let him deal with them. When they are with us, I try to find some ways in which I can connect with each. Because their mom has poisoned them against me, it isn't easy to break through their walls. Alas, I do what I can and I don't expect anything in return, at all. I have found it is important to forgive them quickly and not allow myself to be offended by their bad attitudes, etc. It isn't worth losing peace and it definitely isn't worth losing your marriage . . . or wishing the years away.

  • Maybe u shouldn't be with a women who has a kid , ever think of that ? Doesn't sound like u have any children , might be a reason for that , u ain't ready , haven't found the rite girl , not your fault . Jus sayin some people ain't cut out to be stepfather .nothing wrong with that . I'm sure plenty of people feel the way u do ,,, Be with a women who has no children you might like it better

  • I am a woman. and my husband has another child who is delightful. we also have one kid together and another on the way. its just this particular Midland believe me I put forth serious effort to find good in this child but I'm not sure there is any

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