Yeah and I'm a dumb stupid idiot that actually liked you, I see you around work and I think you are hot and cute and all until you do stupid s*** that makes me re think why I like you!!

I get it so things didnt work out, I get it, I also know that you got into my friend, knowing that she was getting married...Thats fine continue to ignore me, thats why you will continue to be a looser working in the spot that you are because you are an idiot. You dont deserve me, I got everything going for me, Im hot and you know it, everyone likes me around here and have a better spot at had a chance with me too bad you do not want it.

The reason I said no to going out with you a few weeks ago, is because I got turned off on how you treated me on the Friday before that. Your room was a dissaster, your bed was nasty and you smelled bad, take a shower, shave, wash your clothes!! fix your P**** while you at it!! STUPID IDIOT!!

If you notice, prob not since you are not as smart....I do not pursue you, like a fool I texted you a few days ago, knowing I wouldnt receive a response. DONT FLATER YOURSELF, it was a not an invite text, it was a general comment on work!!! you are a looser in thinking that! I wanted to keep things easy but you dont want to have anymore to do with me. Its fine, I will start to dislike you so much, I promise! you are now part of the wall next time I see you!! LOOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I have only two comments:
    Loser is not spelled "looser"
    Flatter is not spelled "flater"

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