I can see the hot lady next door naked

I secretly watch this good looking lady next door when she is naked. She looks around 35, but in very good shape. She works out a lot I think because I see her come home all the time wearing workout tights. From the corner of my bedroom window I can see into her bathroom. I don’t think she thinks anyone can see in there, but I can see. I see her naked all the time in the bathroom. She has this really nice tight body. She is slim and you can see some of the definition on her body so you can tell she keeps herself in shape and works out a lot. Most of the time she is in the bathroom totaly naked a good while. She likes to look at herself she and spends like 20 minutes looking at herself in the mirror. She also turns around and looks at herself from behind too. And then she does other stuff also butt naked like fixing her hair, she even danced a couple of times. The best part is when she touches her b****, or butt, or rubs cream on herself, it gets me so hard. I feel guilty sometimes spying on her, but she looks so banging I can’t help myself. And theres something about seeing some hot naked person doing stuff while they think no one is looking, like you just have to watch them. If they don’t look good I would have stopped watching a long time ago not with her she looks so good. I love watching her. I would really like to f*** her sometime but she has a boyfriend, I seen him several times, and she isn’t very friendly to to talk to shes kinda stuck up. So watching the hot b**** naked to j*** off to is the next best thing. I filmed her once on my cell but I found out it was illegal and I could get in trouble so I deleted it.

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  • I watch you too honeycock. xXx

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