I have a fantasy about my MIL. She is of Lebanese decent, dark hair, short, nice butt on her. She used to live with us a couple years ago and recently had to stay with us again. When she lived with us before I used to fantasize about her showering, changing and even fondling herself. She likes to wear this one nightgown that makes her nipples poke out of it. You can tell just from the outline that her b****** must still look great. They don't hang low, they are a little on the smaller side and very perky. She wears sexy panties and I think about her wearing just those as she comes out of the bathroom from taking a shower to come and show me.

I have never done anything because I am afraid of what would happen. She sleeps on our couch and I have caressed her butt once, but there were sheets on her. I also did manage to feel on her cleavage, but nothing more. She has really soft skin and takes care of herself for being in her early 50's and having had three kids. Once in a while I will catch her looking at my crotch when I get up in the morning and am in my boxer briefs. I know she hasn't been touched in a while and can only imagine the noises that would come from her if we did do anything. I think about bending her over the sink in the bathroom while her shower is going so she can watch her getting pounded by me in the mirror. She is going to move soon and probably a good thing because I would definitely do things with her.

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  • I always let my MIL catch me naked or just in my underwear. I usually get a h****** after a shower,let it drupe so it's a big floppy than normal and then walk out pretending I don't know she is there. I have walked with an erection as well. I then covered my d*** with my hand but purposefully didn't cover all of it so she could still get a glimpse.

  • I once pretended to fall asleep on the sofa in the family room while my MIL was sitting at the other end while watching TV. I was only wearing a bathrobe that was loosely tied and as I moved a little from side to side while faing my sleep, the robe opened up and I was completely exposed. Through the slit in my eyes I saw her glance over and after a few more minutes she was staring as I began to grow hard. She watched for over an hour as saw it grow and shrink 4 times in that time. She told me about the experience a few days later and commented that I had a really nice looking p****, especially when it is erect. What do you say to that?

  • That actually doesn't seem like a bad idea at all. I actually had a little bit of a moment last night. She was passed out, and I mean REALLY passed out and I managed to get a nice grip of bare ass and a little of one finger just outside her p****. I rubbed it gently and could just feel myself getting harder and harder. Such smooth skin and smelled so nice. Went to bed with a big grin, for sure.

  • I purposely didn't wear any underwear when my Mil came over. She would check out my package enough that my wife notice her mom doing it. She now doesn't wear bras when we are over and always bends over to show me her t***. My wife knows that I have seen her mom's t***. It's awesome.

  • Yah I love it in the morning when she gets up and you can tell. I can see outlines of her nipples and they are a nice size. She also wears leggings sometimes, with no panties, so when she bends over I can clearly see her butt and some lip action. She is moving back to NY soon, so will have to take this all in while I can.

  • You only live once. Why don't you just walk in the bathroom while she is showering and start stroking your c***. If she's interested she'll get down on her knees. If she's not interested, well you gave it a shot.

  • Yah, not doing that. Happily married and not trying to mess that up. It is just a fantasy. One I would LOVE to pursue, but obviously can't.

  • Okay, I was just trying to help. You can go on being a gutless cuck if that suits you.

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