My Best Friend

Hi I'm a 16 year old male and I like my girl bff she is Bisexual and is dating basically my arch nemesis who threatens me all the time I really like her we dated for like 4 months and i felt really good until the end we both wanted to save the friendship and we broke it off. I always thought like I want to be with her for the rest of our lives I was the first one who knew she was Bi and I'm okay with that i think it's hot but seriously my arch nemesis I just want to be with her again but she says she doesn't have feelings for me but i think shes just holding them in because we were talking one day and she started talking about kissing me and making out with me any advice

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  • First, why is he your 'arch-nemesis'? Secondly, when the opportunity arises during conversation alone with her it may be worth asking her how she really feels about the other guy; is she not your best friend? If she seems to give you an unsatisfying response it may be worth distancing yourself. If she really does care about you as a friend, she will notice the impact it has on you. Just a suggestion anyway.

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