I am so lucky.

I'm honestly scared i will loose her one day, that she will stand up and see how stupid, ugly and crappy I am and leave me, and it scares me because thats all i can think about, that and how happy she is around other people and I wish she is more dependent on me so she cant loose me cause i dont want too loose her

Sep 20, 2012

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  • Lose not loose.

  • You sound like my ex. If she's happy around others and not happy around you, forget that b**** and move on. Otherwise you're just hurting yourself honey.

  • Not to nitpick, but the word is lose. Loose is how baggy clothes feel. Lose means you lost something.

    With the trivial out of the way, you will lose her if you don't get some confidence. You want her to be dependent on you, because you're dependent on her.

    If you want her to stay with you then stop being so dependent on her to be who you are. Be yourself.

    Look, a lot of people have dated someone that they thought was everything to them and all they had. When you lose that person, it sucks. But, the sun will come up and you do move on.

    If you spend all of your time worrying about losing her and acting concerned, you're not going to be yourself. Relax. Whatever happens happens.

  • How old are you?

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