It's time

Your wife can't keep up with me. She's too old. Too dry. Too boring. Too skinny. And much too ugly. It's time to cut her loose. Do it now. Cut her loose. Come to me. Stay with me.

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  • I wish a woman would say those things to my wife...

  • You make me sick!

  • His wife probably can't compete with you on most levels, and you're probably way more fun in and out of bed...BUT, it's very telling that he is cheating on her with you and didn't leave her and then come find you. Don't hold your breath on this on, boo boo. He could leave, but he probably won't.

  • If he has kids, he's never leaving them. Take your daddy issues somewhere else

  • Not true. I had kids. I left. Best decision ever!

  • It's the proper decision. If someone is not happy and does not wish to remain with their partner they shouldn't. Not even "for the kids". You made a tough decision, and you're happier for it. Hopefully, yourself and your ex are doing right by the kids. It can all work out if people put their big girl and big boy undies on and put the kids first, instead of using like pawns.

  • Bet You are the same b**** who wrote the "you know right" confession. Guess you still haven't learned that he will never come to stay with you. She will always be number one, she probably knows about you too and doesn't give a s*** because she knows you mean nothing to him and its Just s**. Bet you can't find a man who isn't involved with anyone else because of your nasty character too... men know you're evil and Just want the thrill nothing else.

  • You're going to get old and lose your looks aswell, everyone does. But you can't change, your ugly heart. Work on your inner self and less on, superficial crap!! Outer beauty fades, but inner beauty doesn't!

  • And let me add to this that so many people chase inner beauty! Men just love to get with that inner beauty! Ask heavy many of them report that they have to beat the men off with a stick because of their inner beauty. People with very obvious disabilities or disfigurements also find love easily because of their inner beauty. ;) In a perfect world...

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