What to do I'm scared Shitless

I feel for this woman who lives on my block. People warned me that she was trouble and that she was a loose woman. But I couldn't help myself. I just wanted to get close to her and wanted to be with her. She didn't have the best hygiene or even look like a beauty queen or anything like that. Her hair was always kind of long and dirty. I loved her long black stringy hair. Especially as she lay naked on top of me. It touching my chest hair as she made love to me. When I'm with her I feel so good and her body drives me wild with desire. All I want to do is be with her. I know she still sees other men from time to time but I didn't care as long as she would still be with me and make love to me. I don't care what people say about her. I just love her. I'm afraid to tell her that I love her for fear she will not want to see me anymore. I know people say she is a neighborhood prostitute and all but I still find myself drawn to her so much. I have even been to see her when there were three other men hanging around who wanted to be with her also. She in the end was with me and she told them to come back another time. I was jealous for a few moments but that all went away as I watched her get naked and then help me get naked. We made love and fell asleep together. It was so nice. I love her body smells even if some are not the most pleasant. I find myself wanting to be close regardless. I want to tell all the neighbors to STFU and just stop being mean. It really does hurt to see and hear how people treat her. She has feelings she is a person. Who I love very deeply. She says she doesn't care and ignores them but I see the pain in her eyes and it tears at my heart. I only want to be with her. I don't like sharing her with other men but I will if it meant I couldn't be with her. I will take what I can get from her. I just am so in love with her. My friends say that I look past all her faults and they are worried for me. That she is going to break my heart. They have told me that she is selling her body for money. I know she does things to get money and yes s** is one of them. She also uses heroin and I'm afraid she will over dose and die if I'm not around. I had to call the paramedics one evening after she shot up and then got unresponsive. If I hadn't been there she would probably have died. They are also afraid I will start doing heroin also. What can I do. I want her to get help but I can't push. I don't want to loose her. Any advice at all would be welcomed. I'm not sure what I can do. Her mom is a junky and her father doesn't care at all. He told me she would just be better off dead and he's given up on her. It's so sad that a gentle sole is so damaged. No one cares other than me. The other men just want s** and they share drugs with her to get it. I know she loves me in her own way.


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  • My girl was arrested tonight and I'm trying to get enough funds to bail her out. She was trying to get her fix by offering her service for either money or drugs. Unfortunately she offered it to the wrong person. He was an undercover cop. She called me from jail. Begging me to get her out. Not sure I can raise enough money. I talked to the arresting officer and he said if I truly care for her the best thing I can do is leave her and they will try to get her in a recovery program. I'm afraid if I leave her she will hate me for it. What do I do now? I'm so torn and it's breaking my heart.

  • If you prostitute yourself and take it up the ass, you should be able to raise the funds pretty quickly. It sounds like you are in love, so do what you have to do to get her out. So find a local spot where gay guys hand out and spread those cheeks and start f******.

  • That's your answer? Sounds like you would be willing to pay for some time with me? Are you turned on by what I'm going through? So how much would you give me?

  • You have you hands full. Personally I would find a new gal after your finished with her but don't wait too long. A friend of mine now has AIDS from a similar situation. He even wore condoms but that didn't save him. Some time the w**** shot up in the bed while he was sleeping. She passed out and during the night he rolled over and was stuck by the used needle. Now he has to take all these real expensive drugs to stay alive and the w**** she left him for this other guy.

  • Wear a condom, don't give her any money, and try to upgrade.

  • Good advice... She's not going to change and you are in a future of misery if you stay. Sometimes it's best to let go and let God....

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