Another Life

Even though I am fond of my wife, and love my daughter dearly, I hate my life.

I wish I could do life over again as a girl, knowing what I know now about life, love, relationships, and so on.

I have long wished that I were a girl. I don't feel right in a man's body. And I hate how my life has ended up. Even though I have a great job and a loving wife, I just feel like I'm at a dead end, like I made the wrong choices.

I want to do things over again. Be able to be someone else. To be a girl.

I pray every night to any spirit, god, or goddess that might be listening, that might show mercy. Because I can't believe in the Christian God when I feel like I should be a woman. Often I call on Venus, because her symbol is the symbol of women, and I want to be a woman.

And I hate myself for being this way.

I want to be someone else.

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  • You should try to cross dress and see how it makes you feel

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