Cousin sexual encounter

I have a female cousin in Cali who in the last 5 years stopped living with her husband and started banging this fat doctor in her office. She is kind of going through the I just lost weight thing and I look hot. By her face book pictures she seems a little wild. She is always saying how great I look and all this kind of stuff. My aunt which is her mother had her 75th birthday party in the state and I decided to go because I never get a chance to see my moms family since hey are 3000 miles away. I decided to go and my cousin who is 5 years older than me convinced me to stay at her place. On the second night I get there we are talking on the couch for about two ours about family and relationships. I tell her I'm going through a kind of dry spell even though I'm in the best shape of my life. I then start to get that innate vibe when a female is attracted to you. She starts to get very close to me and puts her hand on my leg. I instinctively start to get an erection and its hitting her elbow. The next thing she says is wow and stars rubbing the head of my d*** through my jeans. She then unzipped my pants and starts sucking the head of my p****. That's all she could fit in her tiny mouth.The next thing I now i start to c** and she continues to drink it down and she then passes out on the couch. She wakes p and starts talking to me like nothing happened. The crazy part about this is I let her do this without stopping her and feel like I murdered a person.


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  • Nothing wrong with it.. Been messing around with my hot older sister for years, including during those "down times". Among other times, she attended a stupid court hearing with me and my ex-wife, knew I was stressed out, and, we were both revved-up. Ended up going back to my house and tearing off each other's clothes, having intense s** in my current, but former marital, bed. She took satisfaction that, our f****** like crazy where the ex used to sleep (and rarely with me).

  • This is what cousins are for!

  • Cousins are family so thats kinda sick acutal really sick

  • I think she's just faking it. It doesn't sound very realistic, does it?

  • Oh come on, you know you wanted it. You didn't murder anyone. That's a ridiculous, over the top reaction. If you feel that badly then just don't do it again with her.

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