We kiss too much

My friend and I have known each other for a while. He's gay, but I'm not. Sometimes as a joke we like to kiss in front of our other friends, but lately I've been feeling something that I think is attraction to him, but I'm not entirely sure. Please help me...

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  • If you think you are attracted to it then most likely you like what you do. Just follow how u feel. it feels better to do what u like most. i am a ladyboy, i love who i am, i follow what i think is right for me, i follow how i feel. now i feel free and dont care what people say.

  • If you like kissing him, then you must be attracted to him. You may be bisexual.. It's nothing to be scared or confused about. You are what you are, and love is love, attraction is attraction :) Go with the flow.

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